Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 Reasons for the LinkedIn Crowd to Spend Time on Facebook

Where LinkedIn is more like being in a business meeting, Facebook is more like a block party.

I was one of the early adopters of LinkedIn and find it extremely useful for serious businsss connections including finding resources for my business or even looking at various career opportunities might present themselves. Many of my more meaningful business contacts who are involved with Web 2.0 areas such as social media, blogging and podcasting are early adopters of LinkedIn as well.

At the beginning of July, I took the leap into the world of Facebook and have found it has deepened my relationships with my contacts from LinkedIn as well as others whom I met via my local social site called www.linktocharlotte.com.

In a Yahoo Group for LinkedIn power users, there was a debate about moving from LinkedIn to Facebook. This seems to be "grass is greener" thinking where an individual member would drop LinkedIn "cold turkey" and move to Facebook.

So what is the differentiator in all of this.

1. Facebook is friendly
2. Facebook allows you to relax and laugh
3. Facebook let's you have a glimpse into the daily routines of your contacts
4. Facebook shows you the thoughts and beliefs of your contacts
5. Facebook has a diversity of shared applications including games and media sharing
6. Facebook has a marketplace
7. Facebook has a sense of community in its group area
8. Facebook integrates other tools such as Skype and StumbleUpon
9. Facebook has more of a "creative class" of artists
10. Facebook can connect families including parents and children

So while a discussion may be out there about whether to move to Facebook. About 20% of my friends on Facebook were first timers whom I invited to join after I set up my profile. About 50% of these newcomers who were my business contacts also quickly have also begun to build their profiles and communities as well.

So take a moment, spend some time on Facebook each day and have some fun, while deepening your relationships. It may turn out to be your new "guilty pleasure" as well.


Anonymous said...

I do not think moving from LinkedIn to Facebook would be wise from a business point of view. Facebook is still more of a social netwrok while LinkedIn is all business.

Anonymous said...

I will agree with you. We will have
three social networks that we would probably belong to. facebook (general),linkedin(prof), specialty
(areas of interest)